The tradition of the company Champion PetFoods began in 1985. ORIJEN represents a shift in food for pets, bringing extremely meat-rich food and creates a new standard of food for dogs and cats according to their evolutionary development. Dogs and cats are carnivores and biologically appropriate food with high protein, low carbohydrate, in WholePrey ratio and without artificial additives, mirrors their diet in nature.

The basis of ORIJEN foods are three meat questions:

  • how much meat – up to 90%
  • how much fresh meat – up to 2/3 of fresh meat
  • how many fresh meats – 6 or more types of meat in a recipe

ORIJEN bring a great variety of flavors, types and sizes. ORIJEN food is NOT produced in factories, but is prepared exclusively in their own kitchens (NorthStar, DogStar).

Ingredients used in foods are human grade quality: only fresh, local, regional ingredients from trusted suppliers which make Champion PetFoods trusted by pet lovers around the world.