Since 1955, when it was founded, Hagen developed from a family company into the world’s biggest multinational manufacturer and distributor of pet products. Their business philosophy is based on one simple and unalterable fact: “Pets are not only the heart of our business, they are the reason we are in the business.“ Based on a rich family history of loyalty and entrepreneurial spirit, Hagen employees are the driving force behind the global expansion. That is why Hages is dedicated to creating practical and innovative products that enhance health and well-being of pets around the world. Their extensive researches ensure a production of relevant and useful products for pet care, and strict production standards guarantee the exclusive use of high quality products/materials. Pet owners want new products that provide a wide number of benefits such as security, reliability, value, convenience, comfort and durability. By focusing on creating such products – the products you can trust – for more than 55 years, the earned loyalty and trust of consumers around the world.