With our work we create enthusiastic (internal and external) customers, customers for life!


To create the most desirable shopping destination for pets.

About Us

We have been in this business for a long time. If we did not love animals, we would not be in the market for this long. We started our business as far back, as 1975, when Vatroslav Varda opened one of the first pet shops in ex-Yugoslavia. Since 1994 we have been active in holesale-distribution, and since the end of 2011, with the acquisition of the retail chain ZOO CITY, we have once again established direct contact with the end consumers. Our vision is to create the most desirable shopping destination for pet products. In order to achieve that, we take the individual approach towards our customers, we do our best to meet their wishes and needs regarding their pets.

Our job is to provide top quality pet products by renowned global brands that anyone in the pet business, whether a vet or a pet shop, would highly recommend.

We are not only focused on expensive or exclusive products. Our product range is very extensive and includes products of all types and price ranges that will surely satisfy even the most demanding customers. We are continuously implementing the new product ranges in the offer. We pay attention to and recognize our customers’ needs and introduce the latest trends into the region. Since we have adopted and developed specific product distribution knowledge, encouraged by our suppliers, in 2006 we started to expand our business in the region. We established a subsidiary company in Belgrade and began the product distribution to other ex-Yugoslavian countries.


We have started our cooperation with Canadian company Champion PetFoods in 2016 and we are official distributor for ACANA and ORIJEN brands. We have been cooperating with a German company Tetra GmbH since 1995. Our portfolio nowadays includes over 20 specialized suppliers, for many of which we are the exclusive distributor for Croatia and Serbia, or for the entire region. After the experiences of the early 2000s, starting from 2014. we have intensified the distribution of veterinary medicines.

We’ve become the official distributor of German Bayer in the product range of veterinary medicines. Vaccines and a part of the product range are within the “cold chain”(+4 to +8 degrees) for which we have provided a special storage chamber that has autonomy of up to 72 hours of electricity generator work in case of power failure. Temperature regime readings are generated every 10 minutes. In case of temperature increase or decrease, the systems that preserve the optimal conditions for sensitive veterinary compositions are automatically alarmed. It will be interesting to see if we will, and if so, to what extent, achieve a share in the Croatian veterinary medicines market whose annual value is estimated at over 25 million Euros.

Warehouse and distribution


We distribute almost 6.000 items that meet all your pet’s needs. Optimized stock and excellent price-range have helped us to become a leading supplier in this specialized sales channel in the region. Sales representatives in the field and telephone sales operators listen closely to our customers’needs and do their best to fulfill them. Our own vehicle fleet ensures high standards and the safe delivery of goods to each of our partners’shop.

skladiste-2We are the only company specialized for the distribution of frozen products. From the end of 2014. we’ve started the distribution (BARF) of the English frozen food producer Natures Menu. By investing in the -18°C mode chamber and in distribution vehicles equipped with refrigerated chambers, we can introduce new trends in distribution of food and supplies for pets. In order to ensure accurate and reliable delivery, we use a system of wireless barcode terminals when taking-over, commissioning and controlling the goods. In that manner, to our customers’ satisfaction, we minimalize i.e. completely avoid the mistakes

We continuously invest in advanced technologies, such as smart logistics tools, video surveillance and data-warehouse processes. Our plans for the future include the development of activities and competencies in distribution, but also the development of a retail network in Croatia. The specialized market for pet products in Croatia is consolidated, and since we aim towards growth and development, we cannot remain focused exclusively on wholesale. Insufficient number of shops and low purchasing power do not insure the continuous growth in market share of specialized pet shops. Through our own engagement and fair and transparent retail pricing policy, but with the same challenges and costs that all other retailers face, we can surely contribute to the increase of sales generated through specialized channel

With over 5.000 pallet spaces in our distribution activities in Croatia and Serbia and our own retail network in Croatia, we are the leading distributor in the pet industry in this part of Europe. We have achieved and kept the highest standards in sales and marketing, therefore our partners know that they can count on the best possible regional representation. Through further joint ventures in the development of the brands we represent, through our commitment of using the best business practices and through promotional and marketing activities we strive to contribute to the increase of the sales of products from our portfolio, to create brand awareness, to develop customers’ loyalty and to boost growth of the pet food and supplies sector.

Quarantine for import, reception and distribution of fish, reptiles and parrots

In 2009 we took over and extended a quarantine facility for tropical and cold-water fish. We have around 500 tanks with a capacity of over 90,000 liters for the reception and adaptation of fish and their distribution in Croatia. Suppliers from Singapore, Israel, Slovakia, Malaysia, Germany, Tenerife, Florida and Hungary are the core of our extensive offer, affordable prices and continuous flow of new arrivals. We offer a wide range of pets – goldfish, turtles, beautiful tropical fish, many different snake species, reptiles such as iguanas, chameleons, anolis and agama lizards, spiders and exotic large parrots, such as Macaws, Grey parrots and Amazon parrots. Pets can be bought in all of our retail shops. Staff of experts will provide you with the necessary information regarding their care.

Basic principles of our business practices

  • We work and behave as a successful team, respecting the contribution of our colleagues – internal customers, we cooperate with them, encourage them and support them
  • We respect the values and the dignity of others, regardless of their religion, culture, nationality, gender or position in the company
  • We use the company resources and the assets and treat them as their owners
  • We are committed to all types of work, even the simplest one
  • We do all our tasks passionately and enthusiastically
  • We collaborate and are always aware that others depend on our work
  • We treat others, as we want to be treated
  • We respect the contribution, time, knowledge, skills and attitudes of others
  • We are focused on solutions, not on problems and obstacles